Haha Charade

‘Haha Charade’ was formed as a cover band with Alex Wade and Justin Lefler on vocals and guitar, Matt Bowe on bass and vocals, and Brendan McBride on drums. They played as a cover band for roughly three years, until eventually they started writing their own music. They began sneaking original songs into their set list. After receiving positive feedback on these songs, they changed their name and started playing at different venues. 

The band released their first album in January 2020 and have plans to release their second album in January 2021. The second album is titled, Joseph Gordon Lightfoot. The album is home to 13 songs, with a few already out as singles. The last single, 'Paradise', will be out on November 20. Haha Charade has no plans of slowing down, already having written half of their third album. 

As a band with three songwriters, Haha Charade pulls from an endless list of inspiration. From punk and garage rock to reggae and hip hop to folk, their influences span greatly. "There isn't a genre we won't draw from," explains Bowe. The biggest artists they look from the most for inspiration are The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the band they got their name from: Pink Floyd. Everyone in the band are fans of Motown. The band wants to create songs that are as catchy as those that came out of Motown, but do not want to step on the toes of the greats.

Haha Charade's music has a little something for everyone. Their music jumps from genre to genre, even in the middle of a song. Their sound is reminiscent of 90's alternative rock combined with modern aspects. "Every song asks a new introspective, existential question," says Bowe. The lyrics carry these questions with an upbeat, danceable sound. 


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